Micro- and Nanoelectronics

Our Company has now supplied forefront solutions for research and development in crystal production and microelectronics for more than 20 years. We cater to the needs of both, front-end-of-line (FEOL) and back-end-of-line (BEOL) portions of IC fabrication. In addition to our high technology portfolio, we are able to provide the technical infrastrastructure required for the instruments – water, compressed air, electricity, exhaust ducts and gas cabinets. Our main directions are:

  • CVD, PVD and Dry Etch Equipment (tools for reactive ion etching, ion-beam etching and deposition, atomic layer deposition, growing 2D structures, magnetron sputtering, evaporation);
  • Ion Implantation (Ion implanters for R&D and production, refurbished tools and contract manufacturing);
  • Electron Beam Lithography (High resolution EBL equipment).
Our key partners are Sorona, CN1, IBS, Crestec.
For more information, please call or e-mail us:+44 (0)7710 492913 | n.mikulinskaya@technoinfo.co.uk | nmikulinsk@aol.com