areas of expertise

Biochemistry and biophysics

We are able to provide cutting edge solutions to our customers involved in biochemistry and biophysics research, whether in the pharmaceutical industry or academia.

Structure determination

The technique provides accurate and precise measurements of molecular dimensions in a way that no other method can approach and is the only method for determining the absolute structure unambiguously.

Electron Microscopy

Electron microscopes fire electrons and create images, magnifying micrometer and nanometer structures by up to ten million times, providing a spectacular level of detail, even allowing researchers to view single atoms.

Micro- and Nanoelectronics

Our Company has now supplied forefront solutions for research and development in crystal production and microelectronics for more than 20 years.

Surface Analysis

Surface analysis provides information about the elemental, phase and molecular composition, the arrangement of atoms on the surface and the bonds between them.

Core Logging
and Tomography

Technoinfo offers various core analysis solutions to geologists, paleoclimatologists and ecologists. Suitable samples can be consolidated, unconsolidated, lined or unlined.

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