Molecular Devices

Molecular Devices delivers the competitive edge in cell identification and selection, from discovery to diagnosis. Capabilities include: • Imaging and isolating cells, DNA and proteins; • Automation-picking and placing robotics; • Reagents and consumables; • Dedicated software.

Molecular Devices produces equipment and a host of related reagents and consumables for automation of biological researches and drug development.
Molecular Devices now offers the latest technologies for cell screening and selection, , protein science, high-content screening, automated electrophysiology, patch-clamp.

Molecular Devices
capabilities include:

•    Bacterial Colony Picking;
•    Cell Viability Assessment;
•    High-content screening
•    Live Mammalian Cell Imaging;
•    Mammalian Cell Clone Selection;
•    Microarrays;
•    Ion-channels and receptors analysis.