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Development and production of scientific instruments for research in the field of geochemistry and geomechanics.

Applied Spectra, Inc. is a leading supplier of analytical instruments. We stand at the forefront of laser ablation (LA) based elemental analysis techniques, with our world-class scientific and engineering teams. We simplify the process of elemental chemical analysis, while delivering rapid, high-precision results that are environmentally friendly. Laser sampling offers a compelling value proposition over traditional chemical analysis methods, which are slower and frequently involve destroying the sample and generating toxic chemical waste by-products.

Applied Spectra’s comprehensive and highly customizable product portfolio gives our customers a wide range of LA-based analytical solutions. Customers maximize their initial capital investment with respect to the required analytical performance. Our products deliver elemental and isotopic detection capabilities from ppm down to ppb level across virtually all elements in the periodic table. The J200 Series LIBS and LA-ICP-MS platforms are designed to allow the use of different laser parameters for sample analysis, thus extending the applicability of ASI’s instruments over a wide range of sample matrices.