сканер керна MSCL-S

In September 2021, additional sensors were installed on the MSCL-S core scanner from Geotek at the Scientific and Analytical Center for the Rational Use of Subsoil of V.I.Spielman. Thanks to the agreements reached and the well-coordinated work of all colleagues, the previously installed system was equipped with the latest sensors for measuring the velocities of compressional and shear waves, as well as a Geoscan V line scanning camera. All tests were successful and the first meters of core were analyzed. At the moment, the Center for Rational Subsoil Use in Khanty-Mansiysk has at its disposal one of the most equipped and advanced core scanning systems in Russia and the CIS countries. We, in turn, are very grateful to our colleagues from Geotek for their patience and remote support during such a difficult epidemiological situation, as well as to all employees of the CRN of V.I.Spielman for work, efficiency of action and hospitality. We hope that this core scanner will increase the quantity and quality of the results obtained and will work for the benefit of the science of the Russian Federation.