Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Cryogen-free MR tomographs for laboratory animals manufactured by MR Solutions.

Сomputed Tomography

High-resolution computed tomographs (CT) for laboratory animals manufactured by MR Solutions.

Multiphoton Tomography

In vivo multiphoton tomography for optical biopsy and diagnostics of skin diseases manufactured by JenLab.

Positron Emission Tomography

Tomographs and PET modules for simultaneous and sequential PET/MRI and PET/CT imaging manufactured by MR Solutions.


Vendor: (Рус) MR solutions

Simultaneous & sequential acquisition of SPECT & MR – MRS-SPECTTM

The new MRS-SPECT for small animal imaging is based on multi-pinhole technology, allowing high resolution and high sensitivity. As for the PET, the MRS-SPECT coupled with MRS cryogen free MRI system is the first preclinical modular system that dramatically increases the workflow in research laboratories. For the first time, and without buying multiple systems, researchers have the choice between different imaging system configurations:

  • SPECT imaging using the MRS-SPECT as a stand alone device on a bench
  • MRI imaging using the MRI as a stand alone device
  • Sequential imaging SPECT-MR by clipping the SPECT module in front of the MRI system. Animal translates automatically from one modality to the other on the same axis.
  • Simultaneous use of the SPECT and the MRI systemswhen operating side by side. This capability increases the workflow of the laboratory when the 2 modalities are working at the same time.