Fluotime 300

Vendor: PicoQuant GmbH

High Performance Fluorescence Lifetime and Steady State Spectrometer

Fluotime 250

Vendor: PicoQuant GmbH

The FluoTime 250 integrates all essential optics and electronics for time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy in a compact, fully automated device. This spectrometer is designed to assist the user in carrying out routine as well as complex measurements easily and with high reliability thanks to fully automated hardware components and a versatile system software featuring wizards providing step-by-step guidance.


EasyTau 2

Vendor: PicoQuant GmbH

The EasyTau 2 software package is the one-stop solution for both full hardware control of the FluoTime 250 and FluoTime 300spectrometer as well as for interactive data analysis and fitting  It can also be used as a data analysis software for custom set-ups based on PicoQuant TCSPC electronics. The integrated analysis and fitting module supports a broad range of fluorescence spectroscopy applications, such as steady-state excitation and emission spectra, fluorescence or phosphorescence lifetimes, or anisotropy measurements. EasyTau 2 combines and improved on the features of the previously separate FluoFit and EasyTau software in a single, easy-to-use package.

(Рус) Кюветы, ячейки и калибровочные стандарты

Vendor: FireflySci

Кюветы, ячейки и калибровочные стандарты для спектрофотометрии.