Apreo™ Scanning Electron Microscope

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Microscopes Apreo™ show sub-nanometer resolution and superior analytical performance.

A revolution in detection - the unique Trinity™ detection scheme delivers highest contrast on the widest range of samples for fastest imaging and easy interpretation of images. With three separate in-lens detectors operating simultaneously with the standard chamber detector, simultaneous detection from all angles can be performed, saving time, maximizing information and preventing sample contamination and damage.

For metals researchers, academic and industrial research institutions, FEI’s Apreo SEM provides Ultra High Resolution imaging together with the highest throughput analytical performance.

The instrument provide an expanded range of capabilities:
•High-resolution electron beam images
•High resolution elemental microanalysis of defect cross sections
•Imaging of sample surfaces with the electron beam during navigation without erosion

•Support PC – connects your work space to the network and can hold some other software utilities.
•Manual User Interface (MUI) – provides direct manual control of microscope parameters such as focus, magnification, contrast, brightness, beam shift and correcting astigmatism.
•Joystick – brings another possibility to control the basic stage movements.
•Electron Beam Current Measurement
•External Scan Interface
•Quick Loader
•Gas Injection System – Platinum Deposition, Tungsten Deposition, Insulator Deposition II, Delineation Etch, Insulator Enhanced Etch, Enhanced Etch, Carbon Deposition, Selective Carbon Mill, Gold
•Uninterruptible Power Supply
•Mains Matching and Isolation Transformer – provides a galvanic isolated AC-regulated power source with the 115 / 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz output.
•Compressor 120 V / 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz 4-litre Tank
•Thermo Neslab Water Cooler 50 Hz / 60 Hz
•Acoustic Enclosure for Pre-vacuum Pump
•Specimen Holder Kit
•Set of 20 Specimen Stubs for SEM’s
•UMB Stub Holder Kit
•CryoCleanerEC + spare vessel – anti-contamination device
•Plasma Cleaner
•Annular STEM detector – allows detection of electrons transmitted through the sample. Regular voltage range is from 30 kV down to around 5 kV, which is of course dependent on the sample thickness.
•Universal Lift-out Holder for STEM observation
•Trinity detector (T3) – In Column detector specially suitable for the Beam Deceleration mode
•Directional Backscattered Detector (DBS) – Angular (ABS) / Concentric (CBS)
•Thermal Printer Kit
•Remote Control / Imaging

Standard resolution with 30 kV – 1 nm, with 1 kV – 1.3 nm.
Motorized 5-axis stage with 110*110 mm field.