Core logger MSCL-XZ

Оборудование компании Geotek Настольный сканер керна Geotek MSCL-XZ купить в Техноинфо

Benchtop small-sized commercially available core logger for examining samples in trays.

The MSCL-XZ is a benchtop or small-footprint core logging system that provides a compact solution for split core non-destructive measurements, obtaining multiple data sets simultaneously. Unlike the MSCL-S, where the core moves past the sensors, the bench-top MSCL-XZ moves the sensors along the core (X-axis) while the sensors move up and down to contact the core surface (Z-axis). Properties that can be determined using MSCL-XZ logger: point magnetic susceptibility, chemical and mineralogical composition, as well as color spectrophotometry data and high-quality core imaging.