Оборудование компании Geotek Система радиографии и ламинографии керна Geotek ScoutXcan купить в Техноинфо

Available system for multi-angle 2D radiography and pseudo-3D laminography of full-size core.

ScoutXcan allows you to obtain digital images of solid and sawn core automatically, including — placed in a container, along the entire length and thickness. ScoutXcan is delivered with easy-to-use software for creating two-dimensional radiographic images and expanded circular images of the entire core and step-by-step creation of two-dimensional laminographic images. Laminography is an affordable alternative to 3D tomography with lower data intensity. This is a radiography technique that allows you to create a sequence of two-dimensional slices with increasing depth perpendicular to the core bases. Each section clearly shows the characteristics of the core in each specific location, which provides users with additional three-dimensional information. In addition, this method allows you to create circular expanded core images without the need to use tomography.


​Источник Thermo Kevex Microfocus,65 Вт​
​Напряжение ​от 45 кВ до 130 кВ
​Размер пятна контакта ​от 20 мкм до 100 мкм
​Детектор ​Плоскопанельный, 1920 на 1536 пикселей
​Разрешение ​от 35 до 300 мкм
​Размер, мм ​4950 Х 620 Х 1980 (Д Х Ш Х В)
​Питание ​от 100 до 240 В, однофазное, 50-60 Гц
​Принимаемые образцы ​диаметр от 50 до 150 мм, длина до 1500 мм