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CloneSelect Imager offers an objective measurement of cell confluence, growth and clonality − for adherent cells in microplates or suspended cells in static culture. Rapid determination of the growth of cell lines is important for a number of processes, such as optimization of cell culture conditions and verification of monoclonality

CloneSelect Imager:
• Objectively measures confluence and cell growth;
• Provides results in minutes to minimize time out of incubator (scanning of 96-well plate in less then 5 minutes);
• Displays results in simple graphic format and records for review;
• Fully automated for walk away analysis;
• White light imaging does not damage cells;
• Growth curves facilitate assay standardization;
• Barcode reader enables data tracking.

Benefits of the system:
• Compatible with different cell types;
• Easy-to-use;
• Three image modes: Fast scan, Full image and E-scope;
• Automation.

Label-free imaging solution for assurance of monoclonality

The CloneSelect™ Imager is a high-throughput automated solution for imaging and analyzing mammalian cells. Tracking the formation of a colony from a single cell is effortless as barcoded plates are tracked over time. Automated acquisition and analysis provide accurate, objective, and consistent results. Detailed imaging and comprehensive data analysis enable better decision making. With the ability to image a 96-well plate in 90 seconds, the imager will increase throughput and productivity.

Verify monoclonality easily

The Monoclonality Report feature streamlines the creation of supporting documentation for regulatory agencies. Reports are automatically generated based on parameters you select.

Detect cells accurately

Algorithms are optimized for accurate cell detection and address varying cell types and conditions. High resolution imaging provides accuracy and assurance of monoclonality.

Screen more clones in less time

The imager delivers industry leading acquisition times, allowing for imaging a 96-well plate in as little at 90 seconds.


Choice of imaging modes

Label-free brightfield provides rapid acquisition without the use of harmful fluorescent agents. Customizable fluorescence imaging provides additional confidence of monoclonality.

Autogenerated data and tools

The software automatically calculates confluence measurements and generates growth curves, heatmaps, and image montages. Measurements for every well are automatically tracked over time.

Variety of plate formats and cell types

The imager is compatible with 6- to 384-well plates and enables use on suspension and adherent cell lines such as CHO, HEK, hybridomas, Per.C6®, Jurkat, SupT1, H-4-II-E, MCF-7, JT29, DLD1, and KB31.

Intelligent analysis

The software automatically calculates confluence for each imaging time point. Growth curve, image montage, total growth, and mean rate are generated automatically and are exportable.

Clear, crisp images

The imager features 4x objective lens with autofocus. High-resolution CCD camera images 1.85 microns per pixel, enabling accurate cell detection even at challenging areas such as well edges.

Custom automation options

The Advanced Workflow Engineering Solutions Team offer a variety of custom services from robotic plate loading to fully automated workstations with liquid handling and incubation.


Software: Dedicated imaging software pre-installed on a high specification PC, Microsoft Windows 7

White light imaging:Trans-illumination

Data tracking: 1 x internal barcode reader for data tracking of each plate

Camera: High-resolution CCD camera

Imaging speed: 96-well microplate: 90 sec

Objective: 4x

Resolution: Standard: 3.6 micron; Maximum: 1.8 micron


Source plate type: Range of 6-, 12-, 24-, 96-well SBS microplates

Source plate capacity: 1 x plates

Instrument dimensions: 720 mm (width) x 428 mm (height) x 575 mm (depth)

Instrument weight: 45 kg

Regulatory approval: Compliance CE

Automation compatibility: API suite available for robotic integration.

Track and record cell growth

CloneSelect Imager system estimates cell confluence and cell number:

  • Automatically scans every well in every plate
  • Generates growth curves for each well
  • Enables viewing and tracking of every well in every plate
  • Reveals additional information on cellular morphology and an understanding of growth characteristics

Conventional technique: subjective, time-consuming:

  • Inconsistent results: cannot determine whole well confluence – well after well

CloneSelect Imager: objective, automatic:

  • Quantitative, whole well cell confluence for every well


  • The system is particularly useful for optimizing clonal outgrowth strategies when platform approaches are not suitable e.g. when investigating new cell lines or variants.