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Screen more clones in less time with the ClonePix system’s fully automated workflow. Our users see major improvements both in productivity and overall costs compared to conventional techniques. Now you can reduce your timelines for monoclonal antibody generation by screening 10x more clones in weeks, not months!

An established, proven solution

The single cell selection (FACS, Limiting Dilution, Leap) is now floored and clonal selection is proven, predictable, quantifiable, stable and importantly CLONAL then the CP2 is the only choice for the serious drug development team.

Systems based on ClonePix technology are now used in over 100 laboratories around the world to increase workflow productivity, leaving more time to better characterize target proteins and run new projects.

Companies such as GSK, Merck, Wyeth, Genentech, Centocor, MedImmune, UCB and Genmab have implemented ClonePix systems and data are cited increasingly in scientific conferences.
Automatically screening more clones in less time than conventional techniques, selecting cells with optimal expression levels, and picking colonies with accuracy enables scientists to:

* Increase probability of finding optimal producers
* Cut cell line/antibody development times – avoid limiting dilution
* Reject poor performers at an early stage based on expression levels in situ

Introducing ClonePix 2
ClonePix™ 2 is the next generation system built on ClonePix technology and chemistries.

* Select cells with optimal expression levels
o Software enhancements improve ranking consistency
* Pick colonies with accuracy and confidence
o Robotics redesign reduces risk of colony disturbance
* Improved workflow efficiency
o Fewer plate handling steps

New features of ClonePix2:
1) Picking Review
2) Improved Picking Progress
3) Visualisation of whole-well images / Image thumbnails
4) Improved data analysis / Gating
5) Non-cellular discard
6) Gallery
7) Flat Field correction

Cell line development solutions with automated clone screening

The ClonePix 2 Mammalian Colony Picker is a fully automated system for the selection of high-value clones used in antibody discovery and cell line development. Hybridoma, CHO cells, and other cell types are imaged and selected based on user-defined parameters. Plate handling, barcode reading, and picking are all fully integrated. All data, including images, are saved for downstream analysis. The picker increases the probability of finding optimally produced cell lines and significantly reduces time and labor.

Select cells with desirable attributes

Easily screen and select clones based on protein productivity, antigen-specificity, cell viability, and expression levels of tagged recombinant proteins.

Pick colonies with accuracy

Picking accuracy < 1 mm. Robotic picking reduces risk of colony disturbance. Images of picked clones are stored with data.

Multiple detection methods

White light identifies and measures clone morphology, size and proximity. Fluorescence indicates expression level and/or specificity. Up to five fluorescent filters are available for multiplexing.

Integrated plate storage

Includes two storage stacks for source and destination plates, each with a capacity of 10 plates.

Animal-free media and reagents

Chemically defined and animal-free, CloneMedia cell-culture media, is optimized to increase productivity and aid in visualizing secreted antibodies when used with the CloneDetectTM detection agent.

Sterility maintenance

A host of sterility features and options including a UV light process for sanitizing the interior of the instrument, as well as pin washing and halogen drying are standard.

Discrete colony formation

Semi-solid CloneMediaTM encourages single cells to grow into discreet colonies, and allows for ease of plating. The media allows for a higher density of clones to be screened.

Custom automation options

The Advanced Workflow Engineering Solutions Team can customize the monoclonality system and offer added services such as integrated verification of monoclonality.



Software: Dedicated imaging software pre-installed on a high-specification PC, Microsoft Windows 7/10

White light imaging:

  • Trans-illumination for imaging low contrast colonies such as adherent monolayers or small colonies in suspension
  • Epi-illumination for imaging colonies as they are collected

Fluorescence imaging: Software-controlled switching between up to 5 excitation /emission filter pairs (we recommend no more than 3 filters be multiplexed for optimal performance)

Data tracking: Internal barcode reader for source and destination plates enables data tracking for each run

Camera: Integrated 16-bit cooled CCD camera

Imaging speed: 6-well microplate: 5 min for 2 wavelengths (standard conditions)

Resolution: Standard: 28 micron; Maximum: 1.5 micron


Containment: Fully enclosed working environment with Class 100-type, HEPA filtration

Source plate type: PetriWell-6 plate, PetriWell-1 plate, Greiner 6 well plate, Nunc 6 well plate, Nunc OmniTray

Destination plate type: PetriWell-96 plate, Costar 96 well plate, Greiner 96 well plate, Nunc 96 well plate, Falcon 96 well plate

Source plate capacity: 10 plates

Destination plate capacity: 10 plates

Picking head: 8 x picking pins – each pin independently controlled

Picking pin size: Diameter of picking pins is application specific – F1: suspension cells, F2: adherent cells

Picking speed: > 200 clones per hour

Wash bath: Ethanol wash bath, automatically refilled

Picking system fluids: 5 L sterile water supply, 5L waste bottle

Pin drying: Proprietary halogen pin drying station

Instrument dimensions: 1010 mm (width) x 900 mm (depth) x 1490 mm (height)

Instrument weight: 350 kg

Compressed air specifications

Air: Clean, oil-free with sub-micron filtration

Minimum operating pressure: 6 bar (~90psi)

Minimum operating volume: 80 L/min

Optional compressor specifications

Compressor unit: Clean, oil-free compressor with sub-micron filtration

Dimensions: 250 mm (width) x 600 mm (depth) x 750 mm (height)

Weight: 60 kg

Minimum operating pressure: 6 bar

Minimum operating volume: 80 L/min

Noise level: 61 dB(A)

Regulatory approval: Compliance CE