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Система для выращивание нанотрубок,нанопроводов и 2D структур плазмохимическим способом

The Nanofab700
delivers high performance growth of nanotubes and nanowires with in-situ catalyst activation and rigorous process control.

Nanofab systems
        • Small sample up to full 200 mm wafer capability
        • PECVD film capability
        • Metal organic (MOCVD) precursor delivery for compound semiconductor nanowires
        • DC self bias for aligned growth
        • Excellent temperature uniformity

Nanofab700 process tool features

  • Flexible nanowire and nanotube growth up to 650 °C
  • Liquid precursor option
  • Plasma catalyst conditioning
  • Standard PECVD with appropriate gases
  • Load lock

Nanofab700 deliver high performance growth of Nanotubes and Nanowires
with in situ catalyst activation and rigorous process control.
Oxford Instruments offers flexible tools with proven processes.


  • Aligned Carbon Nanotube growth
  • Wide range of Nanowire materials
  • Proven repeatable processes
  • Control of length and diameters
  • Catalyst annealing
  • Improved catalyst activation by plasma treatment
  • Carbon Nanostructures
  • Silicon Nanowires

Nanostructure materials:

C, Si, Ge, ZnO, GaO, SiC, GaN, GaAs, GaP, InP, ZnS, InN

Si Nanowire Growth
Carbon Nanotube Growth
ZnO Nanowire Growth
Si nanowire
growth by CVD
1 µm high,
33 nm diameter grown at 400°C
CNT growth with 13 MHz
plasma at 650° C
onto a 5 nm Co catalyst
seed layer
70 nm diameter, 1 µm height
Vertically aligned ZnO nanorods
on GaN-coated sapphire.
The nanorods have an average length of 400 nm.
The structures are catalysed by Au nanoparticles.
Courtesy of University of Cambridge
Department of Engineering
  • transfer station (square or hexagonal)
  • vacuum cassette(s)