Applied Spectra купить оборудование в Техноинфо Система для лазерно-искровой эмиссионной спектрометрии AppliedSpectra J200 LIBS купить в Техноинфо

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) system

The J200 LIBS instrument is Applied Spectra’s flagship system. It is designed specifically to handle the most demanding trace element analyses — those requiring high sensitivity and accuracy. With a single-digit ppm level detection limit for many elements in the periodic table, the J200 LIBS is an ideal instrument for challenging quantitative elemental analysis with many sample matrices.

The J200 LIBS instrument is well suited for both laboratory analysis and production monitoring applications. The instrument is capable of monitoring single or multiple elements of analytical interest.

With several hardware upgrade options available, the J200 LIBS is configurable to provide different laser ablation environments, thus allowing our customers to perform highly innovative LIBS research. The robust instrument design ensures repeatable measurement results with every laser pulse.

The J200 LIBS instrument uses an Nd:YAG laser for ablating samples. The laser wavelength is carefully chosen to provide the best analytical results for each customer’s unique application. In addition, the type of spectrometer that is best fit for the customer’s applications is included with the instrument, providing solutions unique and appropriate for every analytical situation.