Electron Beam Lithography

There is less forward scatter of EB resist due to higher acceleration voltage. CABL-UH model has more accuracy less than 10nm. You can select 90kV, 110kV or 130kV due to your budget. Beam diameter: <1.6 nm, Minimum line width: 7 nm (at 130kV) Accerelation Voltage: 130 kV, 110 kV or 90 kV, Stage size: 8 inch wafer (you can use any other wafers less than 8 inch wafer)

Special Features
◆ Vacc: 130kV Max (25-130kV, 5kV steps)
◆ Single-Stage Acceleration capability up to 130kV to minimize EOC size
◆ Micro-Discharge Free Electron Gun
◆ Beam Diameter: >1.6nm
◆ Capability of Fine Line: <7nm
◆ Electrostatic Lens between emitter and anode is designed to achieve very low aberration and short-rang crossover image at the center of blanking electrodes
◆ Ultra-stable write capability is achieved using dual thermal controllers