IonWorks Barracuda

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IonWorks Barracuda – система для автоматизации метода фиксации потенциалов, которая измеряет как лиганд-, так и потенциалзависимые ионные каналы.

The IonWorks family of instruments targets the unmet need for a low cost, high throughput, direct electrophysiological assay for ion channel targets. Unlike indirect assays, such as fluorescent or ion flux assays, that are surrogate measure of ion channel activity, IonWorks instrumentation measures ionic currents directly and controls the membrane voltage inside a cell. The IonWorks® Barracuda™ System builds on the capabilities demonstrated by the IonWorks Quattro system while adding the capability to measure rapidly desensitizing ligand-gated channels. With the IonWorks Barracuda System a throughput of over 10,000 data points per day can be achieved with both voltage- and ligand-gated ion channels (VGICs and LGICs). The system features Population Patch Clamp (PPC) technology1 which improves data consistency and success rates by mitigating the biological variability seen when measuring from single cells. PPC has enabled the primary screening of large directed libraries2 as well as novel assays including channel opener assays and multiplexing multiple ion channel targets in a single assay3. The IonWorks Barracuda System supports both PPC and single hole (SH) recording modes. SH recording mode is important where information must be obtained from individual cells during ion channel assay optimization and in applications such as the selection of individual clones for cell line optimization.