Avizo 3D

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Система визуализации и анализа изображений, полученных с электронных микроскопов производства FEI или совместимых. Заказать программное обеспечение в компании ТехноИнфо

Avizo is an advanced 3D analysis software application for exploring and understanding materials structures and properties, in a wide range of materials science research areas and for many types of materials (porous media, metals and alloys, fibrous materials, composites, …) From straightforward visualization and measurement to advanced image processing, quantification, analysis and reporting, Avizo provides a comprehensive, multimodality digital lab for advanced 2D and 3D materials characterization.

Import and process
  • Handle any modality, at any scale, of any size:
  • FEI SEM, FIB, DualBeam, TEM, or correlative microscopy
  • Other acquisition techniques (X-ray tomography, light
  • Import of a wide range of image formats including:
  • Extended MRC (mrc, rec, ali) from Inspect3D™
  • Extended TIFF format from Auto Slice & View™
  • Wizard for creating 3D volumes:
  • from DualBeam images and Auto Slice & View
  • including image artifact reduction, alignment, and
    enhancements listed below
  • Scaling, calibration, conversion, re-sampling
  • Image artifact reduction and image alignment:
  • Stage tilt foreshortening and shift correction
  • Alignment
  • Shadowing and non-uniform illumination reduction
  • Curtaining effect removal
  • Image enhancement, filtering and noise reduction:
  • Denoising, deconvolution, smoothing, sharpening,
    edge detection
  • Images correlation, registration, and fusion
  • Support for multi-data/multi-view, multi-modality,
    multi-channel, time series, very large data
  • Support for geometric data: point clusters, line sets,
    surfaces and grids
  • Support for Finite Elements
Visualize and explore
  • Intuitive and high-performance 3D interaction
  • Interactive high-quality volume visualization
  • Orthogonal, oblique, cylindrical, and curved slicing
  • Surface rendering
  • Contouring and isosurface extraction
  • Data features highlighted on-the-fly with image filtering (contrast control, histogram equalization, dynamic
    colormap, and opacity on slices or volumes, etc.)
  • Vector and tensor visualization
  • Support of structured / unstructured grids
  • Molecular visualization
  • Built-in measurements, including number counts, volumes, areas, perimeters, aspect ratios, and orientations
  • User-defined measures
  • Results viewer with spreadsheet tool and charting
  • Automatic individual feature measurements, 3D localization, and spreadsheet selection
  • Automated statistics, distributions graphs
  • Feature filtering using any measurement criterion
  • Geometry registration, measurements, and comparison
  • Porosity detection and measurement
  • Bridge with Matlab® and LabView
  • Pre- and post-processing for structural and flow simulations

  • Embedded tools for video generation
  • Advanced keyframe editor for easily creating complex
    animations and automated demonstrations
  • Mix images, geometric models, measurements, and
    numerical simulation data
  • Annotations, measure legends, histograms, and curve
  • Export spreadsheets, 3D models, images, and movies
  • Active and passive 3D stereo vision<ul>
Expand Avizo for FEI Systems for your needs:
  • XLab enables the computation of material physical
    properties based on 3D images
  • XPand enables the creation of custom extensions using
    the C++ Avizo open framework
  • XScreen and XTeam enable collaborative, highresolution,
    and immersive environments
    Avizo for FEI Systems includes the standard Avizo Fire
    package and the following modules:
  • XLVolume support for visualization and access to very
    large data
  • XSkeleton advanced automatic tools for network
    reconstruction from images
  • XMolecular powerful modules for molecular