Software ESCApe

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Полностью обновленное программное обеспечение ESCApe является последним поколением программного обеспечения для оперативной системы MS Windows, которое осуществляет управление спектрометром, сбор и обработку полученных данных в едином и простом в использовании пакете.

ESCApe software encompases instrument control, data acquisition and data processing in a single, easy to use package. This is the latest generation of software for use on MS Windows operating system and replaces the long standing Vision 2 acquisition and processing software.

Qualified User Control

ESCApeTM utilises the Qualified User Control System to manage individual user accounts giving the administrator total control over user access to the instrument components and their operation. Once trained in use of the specific components of the spectrometer and accessories each User is then qualified to use this component for acquisition of data making it ideal for the multi-user environment of the modern analysis laboratory. Use of the spectrometer is logged by the Qualified User Control System.
Whether you are an expert or occasional user the Qualified User Control System tailors the software to the Users needs in a simple but flexible interface.

Data Dependant Acquisition

ESCApe takes automated sample analysis to a new level through Data Dependent Acquisition (DDA). DDA incorporates data processing in to experimental methods freeing the analyst from the more routine aspects of data acquisition. Sample analysis height is optimised from the position defined on the optical microscope images prior to acquisition of a survey spectrum acquired in highest sensitivity mode. Subsequently the survey spectrum is automatically processed to identify the elements present and their concentrations. This information is then used to determine the regions for high resolution analysis and subsequent chemical state determination.
The quantification routine includes a measure of the error in the atomic concentration. High resolution regions can be acquired to a specified signal to noise ratio. Using DDA you can be confident of producing exceptional quality data.c85fc0805f8fd62c56fb3118450879bf.jpeg

Data Export

Ease of exporting data acquired using ESCApe software has been at the forefront of the design of the software. ESCApe provides a comprehensive data reduction element for interpretation of spectroscopic and imaging data. Export to simple ASCII or directly into MS Excel are possible by a simple drag-and-drop operation. Publication quality graphics are easily produced via the Kratos plug-in to Microsoft Excel.