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Rapid MixingStopped-Flow Accessory

Ideal as a teaching aid, the RX2000 is a portable, high performance stopped-flow accessory to enable kinetic measurements of reactions at least a thousand-fold faster than those run by manual methods.Compatible with a wide range of UV-Vis spectrometers and fluorometers from major manufacturers, the RX2000 is built from chemically-resistant materials with an armoured umbilical for robustness.

  • Save sample: generate reproducible data with a drive volume of only 120 μL
  • Observe reactions on 10 ms timescale and higher: dead times as short as 8 ms
  • Observe reactions at 0 – 60°C: sample temperature controlled from drive syringes through to cell and recorded on a digital temperature display
  • Achieve asymmetric mixing ratios from 1:1 up to 1:10 when using different-sized syringes: simultaneous drive of both syringes provides ratio mixing capability.


Dead Time: 8ms

Optical Pathlengths: 2mm and 10mm for absorbance/fluorescence/circular dichroism

Widow Sizes: 30mm² and 6mm² for fluorescence detection

Cell Material: Spectrosil

Beam Height: 15mm from base of cuvette (other beam heights supplied on request)

Min. Vol./Shot/Reagent: 120μl

Prime Volume: 260μl with standard 60cm umbilical (other lengths available on request)

Syringe Volume: 2.5ml with canted seals as standard

Ratio mixing: Up to 10:1 by using different sized syringes

Temperature Range: 0– 600C. Digital temperature display

Triggering: Anti-bounce, TTL, open-collector and switch-contact

Flow Circuit: Biocompatible and chemically inert

Construction: Constructed from chemically resistant materials throughout

Anaerobic Facilities: An anaerobic accessory (RX/AA) is available to facilitate rigorous exclusion of oxygen

Drive System: Manually or pneumatically driven (optional accessory RX/DA)

Ease of use: Simple, portable and self-contained. Fits in seconds with no adapters

RX2000 – Key Benefits

  • Complete Thermostatting (flow circuit and drive syringes)
  • Lower Volume Requirement
  • Good Anaerobic Capability
  • Robust Construction
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Independent Assessment by Spectrometer Manufacturers
  • Complete Thermostatting (flow circuit and drive syringes)

The RX2000 mixing accessory pro-vides total thermostatting. It has a thermostattable water bath around the drive syringes and hence the ENTIRE flow-circuit, including the drive syringes, is thermostattable. This ensures that reagents in the cuvette will be at the correct temperature. Rapid-mixing accessories that do not have a thermostat bath only thermostat the flow lines in the umbilical. This means that each time a rapid-mix drive is performed, the temperature of the reagents in these flow-lines is compromised.

Lower Volume Requirement. The volume of the flow tubing between the drive syringe and the cell is 260ul (for the standard 60cm umbilical – shorter umbilical lengths can be fitted on re-quest). This is far lower than for rapid-mixing units which do not have a thermostat chamber.

Good Anaerobic Capability. Because the entire flow circuit is thermostattable and the drive syringes are not exposed to the surroundings, the RX2000 is highly suitable for anaerobic work. Rapid-mixing units which do not have a thermostat chamber are not suitable for anaero-bic work because the syringes and flow-circuit cannot be isolated from the surroundings other than by mounting the entire unit in a glove box or in a glove bag; this is expensive and ex-tremely cumbersome to use.

Robust Construction. We strongly recommend that the build quality of the RX2000 is com-pared with other rapid accessories. The superior quality of the RX2000 will be evident from a comparison of good resolution images of the products (see below for images of the RX2000). The thermostat bath on the RX2000 also serves to protect the drive syringes from accidental damage and chemical spillage.

Digital Temperature Display. A temperature probe is fitted inside the thermostat bath of the RX2000, and a digital temperature display is provided as standard.

Independent Assessment by Spectrometer Manufacturers. Two spectrometer manufacturers; Agilent Technologies and Varian Inc (now part of Agilent Technologies), directly compared the RX2000 with other spectrometer accessories and both found the Applied Photophysics RX2000 to be the superior instrument in terms of capabilities, performance and build quality.