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With the TOF.SIMS 5 IONTOF offers a field proven and efficient TOF-SIMS tool which still outperforms most of its external rivals. The current design guarantees good performance in all fields of SIMS applications, making it an extremely attractive SIMS tool for customers in industry and academia.

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Modern life is characterised by continuous development and technological change. The capacity for understanding, controlling and taking advantage of new ideas is essential.

As a result, analytical instrumentation has to expand its performance to fulfil current and future analytical demands. The ION-TOF TOF-SIMS products provide solutions for many of today’s high-tech industries.

Our mission is to develop the technique and expand its potential for future applications. Considerable research effort as well as close co-operation with our customers will continue to create new possibilities, thus keeping our instruments at the leading edge of technology.

TOF-SIMS is an acronym for the combination of the analytical technique SIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry) with Time of Flight mass analysis (TOF). In different operational modes – surface spectroscopy, surface imaging, depth profiling, 3D analysis – this analysis technique offers unique features:

Information Obtained
detection of all elements and isotopes
chemical information via molecular and cluster ions

Detection Limits
ppm of a monolayer for elements
sub-fmol for molecules

Spatial Location
high lateral resolution (< 60 nm)
high surface sensitivity (< 1 nm)
high depth resolution (< 1 nm)

The TOF.SIMS 5 product line includes three different versions:

4″ version for sample sizes up to 100 mm in diameter
8″ version for sample sizes up to 200 mm in diameter
12″ version for sample sizes up to 300 mm in diameter

The basic instrument is equipped with a reflectron TOF analyser giving high secondary ion transmission with high mass resolution, a sample chamber with a 5-axis manipulator (x, y, z, rotation and tilt) for flexible navigation, a fast entry load-lock, charge compensation for the analysis of insulators, a secondary electron detector for SEM imaging, a state-of-the-art vacuum system, and an extensive computer package for automation and data handling.

A variety of different options and accessories such as sample heating and cooling for analysis of volatiles, laser post ionization of neutrals etc. is available. Configurations including in-situ sample preparation chambers and sample transfer systems are also available. In particular ultra high vacuum combination with XPS, Auger and other instruments allows multi-technique analysis without exposure of the sample to air.

Preparation Chambers

Sample preparation chambers are generally custom-designed and many different types have been delivered. This is a particularly important feature for laboratories which want to analyse many different types of samples. The respective vacuum components and interlocks are fully integrated into the software, so that the operation is fail-safe. Basically we offer preparation chambers for two different postions.

Position 1: This is the most popular design. The load-lock remains in its normal place on the main chamber, and the preparation chamber is mounted horizontally behind the main chamber. Both the load-lock and the preparation chamber are equipped with sample transfer rods, and the sample holder has to be rotated for pick-up by either of the rods. In this system the sample is loaded through the load-lock.

Position 2: In this design, the preparation chamber is fitted to the load-lock of the main chamber, so that the sample can be loaded into the preparation chamber without passing through the main chamber. If a sample preparation method with a risk of serious contamination is proposed, then this configuration permits the sample to be extracted without entering the main chamber. However the prepared sample must pass through the load-lock to reach the main chamber and the load-lock vacuum is not at the high UHV level of the other two chambers.

Instrument Coupling

In laboratories with other surface analytical techniques, it can be beneficial to examine the same sample surface in more than one instrument, preferably without letting the sample surface be exposed to the ambient laboratory conditions between the examinations, or for several instruments to share the same UHV preparation chamber.

Because of its horizontal sample orientation the TOF.SIMS 5 may easily have vacuum connection with a variety of sample preparation chambers, and other analytical techniques, particularly XPS.

Cleanroom Adaptation

Floor space inside the cleanroom is very expensive and the conditions inside are constraining the daily operation and service of the instrument. To benefit from the clean environment of the cleanroom without the restrictions it is possible to couple the TOF.SIMS 5 directly to the cleanroom. Samples can be loaded from the cleanroom into the loadlock while the operation of the instrument can be done from inside or outside.


Due to the modular design, the instruments can also be equipped with a variety of special accessories in order to address even the most challenging analytical tasks.

  • Wide range of ion sources: Ga, In, Bin, O2, Cs, Ar, Xe, SF5, C60
  • Temperature-controlled heating and cooling (load-lock, analysis)
  • Cryo sample transfer
  • Parking Position inside the load-lock
  • Cs-Xe co-sputtering
  • Laser post-ionisation
  • 20 kV post-acceleration
  • Internal bakeout



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