Automated Mineralogy


Automated mineralogy systems are created to let you obtain almost any data about your samples, such as mineralogical composition, mineral grain`s composition, rock minerals distribution, minerals elements distribution, includes in minerals, and much more specific data.

There are two basic algorithms of automated mineralogy- MLA and Qemscan. Both of them had been developed separetely since the 1970`s and geoscientists have gained quite rich experience of using them by this day.

MAPS Mineralogy

Vendor: FEI

A QemSCAN inspired way to study mineralogy of various samples.

MLA 650\650F

Vendor: FEI

A high-speed automated mineralogy analyzer widely used in the mining industry to optimize the performance of mineral processing operations.

QEMSCAN® 650\650F

Vendor: FEI

A laboratory-based, automated petrography analyzer widely used both in geoscience institutes and mining.

CL8100 MK5

Vendor: Cambridge Image Technology LTD

Optical Microscope Cathodoluminiscence Stage, that can be mounted on most of optic microscopes.