Small molecules systems

b8e4d2624fa18b6e610d95017beff6ed.jpegSometimes referred to as small molecule crystallography, this technique employs single crystal X-ray diffraction (SXRD) to unambiguously determine the three dimensional structure of molecules. The technique involves the use of crystallography to study problems which are primarily of a chemical nature and provides accurate and precise measurements of molecular dimensions in a way that no other method can approach. Chemical crystallography may be applied to compounds of both chemical and biological interest, including: new synthetic chemicals, catalysts, pharmaceuticals, and natural products.

XtaLAB Synergy

Vendor: Rigaku Oxford Diffraction

Cutting-edre single crystal X-ray diffractometer, producing fast and precise data in an intelligent fashion.


Vendor: Rigaku Oxford Diffraction

X-ray diffractometer that has a proven track record earned over many years.


Vendor: Rigaku Oxford Diffraction

World's first co-mounted dual-source diffractometer.

XtaLAB mini

Vendor: Rigaku Oxford Diffraction

Benchtop small molecule structure determination


Vendor: Rigaku Oxford Diffraction

The system, that reached and exceeded Gemini`s sucsess.


Vendor: Rigaku Oxford Diffraction

A system, that produces the best data possible for the X-ray source selected.


Vendor: Rigaku Oxford Diffraction

An instrument so versatile that it can replace several instruments without compromising data quality with a unique, curved large-area detector.