Geology and Petrophysics

Core Analysis

Newest technologies based on X-Ray Flyorescense method created to perform the most detailed analyses of cores.

Automated Mineralogy

Systems represented here are created to perform automated data collection about sample`s mineralogical comosition, it`s structure and many more.

Oil Production and Mining

Cutting-edge technologies making the obtaing of various geological data in-situ possible and easy. Using them you can obtain this great quality data in real-time mode in the same place where you work- there is no need in sending your samples to a lab anymore!

Field analysis systems

Portable devises allowing you to perform really quick analysis of samples right at the place you are, collecting solid data about their chemical construction and more.

Special Software

Software created to make data obtaining and processing easier and much more effective.

Geochemistry, Geochronology and Petrography

Cutting-edge technologies, using whitch you may accurately examine fundamental properties of huge range of rocks