Оборудование для рентгеновской электронной спектроскопии

Axis Supra

Vendor: Kratos Analytical

AXIS Supra combines state-of-the-art XPS performance with unrivalled automation and ease of use.

Axis Nova

Vendor: Kratos Analytical

The AXIS Nova is a highly automated x-ray photoelectron spectrometer with uncompromised spectroscopic performance required for demanding research applications.


Vendor: Kratos Analytical

The AMICUS, also known as the ESCA 3400 in Japan, has been developed from proven technology and incorporates the latest in digital control electronics producing an easy to use, flexible system suitable for all levels of expertise.

Software ESCApe

Vendor: Kratos Analytical

ESCApe software encompases instrument control, data acquisition and data processing in a single, easy to use package.

Ion Sources

Vendor: Kratos Analytical

The AXIS spectrometer may be configured with a standard monoatomic Ar+ ion source, the polyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) ion source or the Gas Cluster Ion Source (GCIS) depending on the type of samples to be profiled.

Ar Gas Claster Ion Source

Vendor: Kratos Analytical

The Kratos Ar Gas Cluster Ion Source (GCIS) is optimised for depth profiling organic materials in Arn+ cluster mode and inorganic materials in Ar+ monomer mode.