CVD and PVD Equipment


PlasmaPro100 Platform

System with loadlock

PlasmaPro 80 Platform

Open loading system

PlasmaPro800 Platform

Open loading for multiwafer processes

Magnetron Sputtering Tool

Vendor: Scientific Vacuum Systems (SVS)

SVS offers the flexibility of dc, pulsed dc, rf and reactive magnetron sputtering for batch or single-wafer PVD processing in production or research & development

E-beam Tool

Vendor: Scientific Vacuum Systems (SVS)

Like the V2000 series production sputtering systems, the e2000 production evaporators are individually configured around the end user's requirements.The e2000 systems take advantage of the latest technology, with a wide range of available options.


Vendor: Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

Oxford Instruments’ FlexAL product family provides a new range of flexibility and capability in the engineering of nanoscale structures and devices by offering remote plasma atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes and thermal ALD within a single system to deliver: Maximum flexibility in the choice of materials and precursors Low-temperature processes enabled by plasma ALD Low damage maintained by the use of remote plasma Controllable, repeatable processes via recipe-driven software interface


Vendor: Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

The Nanofab700 delivers high performance growth of nanotubes and nanowires with in-situ catalyst activation and rigorous process control.  

Ionfab 300Plus

Vendor: Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

Ionfab300Plus is a modular System designed for ion beam etchingand deposition. It is used in a wide variety of processes,particularly in the Semiconductor and Optical Coating Industries

Ion Beam Tool

Vendor: Scientific Vacuum Systems (SVS)

To address the worldwide market requirements for Ion Beam Milling and Deposition Systems, Scientific Vacuum Systems Ltd have formed a partnership with Ion Beam Scientific, suppliers of KRI range of DC and RF Ion sources. Both organisations combine many years of experience in Ion Beam and Deposition Systems process knowledge and systems design.Our Ion Beam Systems range from R&D through to medium and large scale batch production units, incorporating the latest Ion Source designs and technology.