CT MR Solutions CT 80

MR solutions — МРТ, SPECT-MR, PET-MR cryogen free томографические системы для прижизненной томографии лабораторных животных малых и средних размеров, купить оборудование MR Solutions Компьютерный томограф MR Solutions CT 80 купить в Техноинфо

The CT 80 is a high resolution CT scanner for imaging mice and rats up to 600 g. The CT is using variable zoom achieving very high resolution up to 5 μm and also dual energy.

Features & Benefits

  • Multimodality: сompatible with PET CLIP-ON and SPECT CLIP-ON.
  • High field MR compatibility: СT can be installed next to MR Solutions cryogen-free MR up to 9.4T
  • Four CT models with high resolution and variable zoom
  • From rodents to NHP: CT systems are available with different transaxial field of view
  • Complete animal handling solution

CT Application Solutions

  • Bones of the skull and the brain (determination of bleeding, tumors, lesions of bone structures, infections of the maxillary sinuses)
  • Thoracic organs (diagnostics of diseases of the heart, lungs, esophagus, large vessels, including aneurysms, primary and metastatic tumors)
  • Abdominal cavity (detection of neoplasms, cysts, abscesses, aneurysm of the aorta and its branches, hemorrhages and hematomas, diverticulitis, enlarged lymph nodes)
  • Pelvic organs (assessment of the state of the kidneys and bladder, urinary tract stones, pathology of the reproductive system)
  • Pharmacodynamics in vivo and biochemical changes in living animal cells
  • Morphometric studies and screening PET and SPECT contrast agents
  • Use, development and validation of samples and biomarkers, tracking cell migration in vitro and in vivo


  • PET CLIP-ON for sequential PET/CT imaging
  • SPECT CLIP-ON for sequential SPECT/CT imaging
  • Animal Bed (mice, rats and marmoset)
  • Extended Software (NM Brain atlas Segmentation, Whole Body Atlas Tool, PK Modelling, iPACS)
  • Dual energy

System Details

Animal Models: Mice, Rats and Marmoset

System type: Floor stand

Inner diameter: 112 mm

F.O.V.: 80 mm x 300 mm

Spatial resolution: up to 15 μm

Maximum voxel resolution: up to 5 μm

Maximum magnification: up to 5.5x

Weight: 466 kg

Dimensions: 1600 mm Height x 1100 mm Width x 2140 mm Length


  • Multi-modality workspaces
  • Side by side installation with PET/SPECT/MR and Optical modalities
  • Multi-modal interchangeable beds
  • Dual energy


  • Preclinical scan
  • Easyscan
  • Powerscan