Ionfab 300Plus

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Ионно-лучевая система для процессов нанесения и травления.

Ionfab300Plus is a modular System designed for ion beam etching
and deposition. It is used in a wide variety of processes,
particularly in the Semiconductor and Optical Coating Industries

Easy to site, use and maintain

      • Through-wall interface options allow the system to be sited in “grey area”
      • Ease of access to process chamber with two doors
      • Ease of maintenance with door-mounted ion sources
      • Compact footprint reduces cleanroom space required

Typical applications and materials:

  • IR detectors
  • CdHgTe (CMT) etch
  • VOx deposition and etch
  • Metal contact and track etch
  • Cu, Ni, Al…
  • Noble metals: Au, Pt, Pd…
  • Diffraction gratings
  • SiO2 ‘blazed’ etch
  • Spintronics and MRAM
  • AR and HR coatings for laser bars
  • Telecom filters
  • III-V photonics etching
  • Thin film magnetic hard disk heads (TFMH)

Thin film
magnetic heads
Night vision and
security equipment