E-beam Tool

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Like the V2000 series production sputtering systems, the e2000 production evaporators are individually configured around the end user’s requirements.The e2000 systems take advantage of the latest technology, with a wide range of available options.

All systems are controlled by a PLC based Control System, via a built-in industrial PC or Human-Machine Interface (HMI).Datalogging of all major process parameters

  • Substrate heating (up to 650°C)
  • Single or multi-hearth e-beam guns (single up to 200cc capacity)
  • Substrate fixturing systems include planetary & rotary motion
  • Multi-boat thermal evaporation
  • Deposition rate monitors & control systems
  • Substrate cleaning and Ion assisted deposition
  • Reactive gas admission
  • Cryo pumping or Turbopump & Polycold for fast pumpdown

The PlasmalabSystem400
provides the ability to sputter metals, oxides, nitrides and silicides with film thicknesses from 20 nm up to several μm.

  • Flexibility in processes and materials is enabled by the wide temperature range of the wafer table, with both watercooling and heating up to 300 °C
  • rf bias allows plasma-assisted deposition for greater adhesion and control of film structure and stoichiometry

  • substrate heating
  • separate PreEtch module
  • Vacuum Cassette optional
  • cathodes from 75 mm to 200 mm diameter